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Export History

G.F.C is one of the largest manufacturers of quality electric fans in Pakistan. G.F.C, under the leadership of Mr. Mohammad Ilyas, has also been a pioneer in the export of electric fans from Pakistan. Starting with its first commercial export in 1993, G.F.C is now exporting its products to the tune of US$ 12 million annually to more than 30 countries in the World. G.F.C fans have became an instant success due to their quality and durability in all the markets where these were introduced including countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa & Europe.
The un-precedented success G.F.C has achieved during the last 30 years is being recognized as best quality fan manufacturer not only in Pakistan, but also in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Senegal, Djibouti, Bangladesh, Iraq, UAE, Cameroon and many other countries.
G.F.C brand is registered in many countries of the world and certified as best quality brand in those countries. Moreover, G.F.C became the first ever company in Pakistan to be certified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories, USA) to export fans in USA and Canada. We were also amongst the first to get Certification for EU and ASEAN markets.

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