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Our Mission

Our goal is to exceed customer satisfaction through supreme quality products, manufactured to the highest standards that last a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

We aim to be the Global Market Leaders of the Fan Industry and add to our portfolio of Extraordinary Quality Home appliances, by being highly competitive on the basis of providing unmatched Strong, Reliable and Beautifully Crafted Products.

Our Values

We intend to surpass consumer loyalty through pre-eminent quality products, made to the most astounding measures that endure forever.


We are known all over the globe for our strong moral principles, not only in the manufacturing unit but also with regards to our customer relationships. All stakeholders of G.F.C are extremely satisfied with our practices.


Our company is always on the lookout for new technology and by fostering a culture of innovation we are able to develop and constantly evolve our products to the best of standards and quality.


G.F.C is known for its corporate culture based on family values. We have assembled an ethos of admiration in our association which is at the heart of our collective methodology. The fruitful arrangement and operation of groups, both formal and specially appointed is principal to the accomplishment of any task. Furthermore, there is an open door policy that allows anyone to share their concerns with the top management. This promotes a culture of friendliness and continuous idea exchange.

Our History

Foundation of Company

G.F.C began in 1954 as a small manufacturing unit for electric fans. For next 24 years, G.F.C progressively established its name as one of best quality fan manufactures. In 1978, the company grew rapidly and today it is one of the leading fan manufacturer and export company of Pakistan.

Innovative Fan Models

For last three decades, G.F.C has introduced innovative fan models to satisfy the needs of its customers all over the world. lt has always been the leader in Pakistan to introduce different kinds of commercial fans as well as variation in fan models. Today, G.F.C manufactures Ceiling, pedestal, Circumatic, Wall Bracket, Louvre, Table and Exhaust fans with attractive designs and colors in each category. G.F.C was the first to introduce Mist Fans in Pakistan.

Pioneer in Pakistan

G.F.C has also been the pioneer in the export of electric fans from Pakistan. The company also participated in many trade delegations as well as exhibitions arranged by the Export Promotion Bureau (presently, Trade Development Authority) and Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Consequently, G.F.C became the first electric fan manufacturing company to win Export Trophy Award in 1998. With an export of approximately Rs. 13 Million in 2013, G.F.C won its 16th Export Trophy Award.In the mean while, G.F.C has increased its exporting network to more than 30 countries.

Success Through Quality

G.F.C fans became an instant success due to the quality and durability of its products in all the markets, where they were introduced. To provide the most advanced and highest product quality to its customers, G.F.C has continuously brought in latest technologies. It has installed copper wire and capacitor manufacturing units. It has also included an array of modern machinery such as Die Casting Machines, Injection Moulding Machines, CNC Wire Cutting Machines, CNC Lathe Machines, a CNC Machining Center, Automatic Armature Winding Machines and stamping presses.

Expanding Product Line
As part of the mission to expand its product line, G.F.C started manufacturing Washing Machines in 1996, and now G.F.C has diverse product range including Gas & Electric Geysers, Juicers, Skimming Machines and Kneading Machines.
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